The 19th century was the most literary century in our history, especially in Norway. A lot happened in the society, and that got reflected in literature. We started up with the romanticism, and after that came the national romanticism. We also had poetical realism, realism, naturalism and neo romanticism during this century. Many of these eras started as reactions or protests again former eras. Literature now got split into genres, and we got fiction for the first time. Some of the most important things were romance, history, fantasy and feelings. The poets also wrote about nature and more realistic things. They wrote about detectives, ghosts, machines, wonders, adventures, challenges, faith and love. The most important genres were horror, western, literature for children, science fiction, historic novels and fantasy. The 19th century is probably the most important century in the history of literature.

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Hello and welcome to our blog. This is a blog about the literature in Norway during the 19th century. We look forward to write more about this !

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