As we mentioned in the introduction, this is probably the most important century in the history of literature, so that’s the reason why we chose this subject. We wanted to write about how the big changes in the society were reflected in literature and to draw lines between the eras and their origin. We used a lot of time to find information and to process it.  

We learned that it happened a lot during the 19th century, in which is reflected in literature and art. New eras where often created as a response to former eras.  

The reason why so many things happened in Norway was because we struggled to be an independent nation at this time. Norway was independent for the first time in a long time, and the authors got more hung up in Norwegian nature and traditions.  

Norway was quite unique, because there were so many things that influenced our society. Both our struggle to be independent, the industrial revolution and the French revolution made their traces in literature. A big part of Europe adopted what happened in the rest of the continent, but Norway was different because of the things that happened in Scandinavia.  

We thought that this subject was very interesting to work with, and important to know. We have learnt a lot, and hope that this blog can help other to learn.

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