National Romanticism

The National Romanticism in Norway lasted from 1840 to 1850. At this time national ideas were most important. Norwegian traditions were idealized. There was also a language debate, which contributed to the fact that the use of the Norwegian language increased.

The national romanticism lasted from 1840 to around 1850. In this time, national ideas occupied parts of the literature. Middle age history and Norwegian origin culture and origin life was idealized. The national romanticism in the 1840s lead to writing of folk poetry. The things that were most important for the national romanticism, was nature, feelings and fantasies, and to describe feelings and moods, longings and fantasies. They did not believe that the human sense was enough to solve problems and mysteries anymore, because that had to happen through dreams and fantasies. The national romanticism was inspired by German romanticism, and grew to be a protest against the age of enlightenment, which was mainly about sorting out problems and enlighten the society.

During the national romanticism, a debate went on in the country. The country was split between those who wanted to keep the Danish, and those who wanted our own language. Norwegian folk poetry became popular, and many authors wanted Norwegian language. Therefore, some used Danish as the main language, and tried to use as many Norwegian word and expressions as possible. Songs were actually written in dialect. Adventures were strongly embossed by Norwegian words and phrases.

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