Camilla Collett

Camilla Collett was the sister of Henrik Wergeland. She lived from 1813 to 1895. Her father was a priest. She went to a girl’s school for one year, and thereafter she lived with her father. She got to participate in parties and also on travels. On one of their travels to Christiania, she met Welhaven, and they fell in love. Welhaven was like an enemy to the Wergeland family, and this developed into a triangle drama. Their relationship ended, and in 1841 she married Peter Jonas Collett. Collett became a good husband, and he is the one that convinced Camilla to write. Camilla is best known for the novel “Amtmandens døtre”, and called it “my long withdrawn scream”. But it is hard to be both writer and single mother, so she wrote most articles for papers. She soon got concerned about situations in life and what this can influence the personality. She wrote a lot about this and is most known for fighting for women’s rights. 


Asbjørnsen and Moe

Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe were both very interested in folk poetry, and became therefore very good friends. They travelled around Southern Norway, listening to stories that had been told from genus to genus through centuries. Then they wanted to write the stories, and had to decide which version to use, because some villages made their own. They wrote down what they had heard, sent it to each other, and commented and correct the texts until they were pleased. They also had problems choosing which language to write, because of the language debate that was going on it the country. They solved that by using Danish as their main language, and adding lots of Norwegian words and expressions. They made a language that became basis for the Norwegian that we have today. When the adventures were published, many people was shocked because of the language, and meant it lacked elegance. They also changes words like cow tale to cow ass and came up with the name Askeladden instead of Askefisen. 


Henrik Wergeland

Henrik Wergeland was caught up with the democratic ideas from the constitution; freedom, equality and brotherhood. He cared about enlighten the society. Wergeland wrote about fantasies and feelings, and he was concerned about the nature. At the same time, he published magazines and articles. He became some kind of link between the age of enlightenment and the romanticism. He fought in the language debate, and meant that Norway should liberate and get their own language. He was a committed speaker and participated often in discussions and debates.



Johan Sebastian Welhaven was son of a priest from Bergen. It has been said that he was smart, but also lazy, and that the only language he cared about in school, was Norwegian. He was strongly influenced by his teacher. His teacher did not was the language to turn into Norwegian, so this was also the opinion of Welhaven. He meant that we needed inspiration form Denmark and that we could not survive long without Denmark. Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Henrik Ibsen started to write in the national romanticism. Bjørnson was inspired by adventures, and both of them wrote about Norwegian history and nature. Even so, they both belong in the realism.

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