After the optimistic realist era, everyone got a comedown with the naturalism. Here the pessimism and disheartened was the two largest keywords. The humans where a product of enharitage and environment. They believed that the future was written in stone and there where nothing to do about it.


Absinthe Degas Doisser


The naturalism took over for the realism around 1880 and lasted ’til around 1890. The naturalism originally comes from France. The author Zola said in the prologue to one of his books, that it was a laboratory, where people’s emotional mechanism where tested. Darwin also put his character on this era with the book “Origin of Species”. It was here her presented the theory of survival of the fittest.  

What is naturalism? 

Naturalism is a subgroup of realism. It looks at the problems of society, but instead of presenting a solution, they have a far more pessimistic point of view. The realist took problems under debate and therefore came up with a solution. But this was no longer acceptable under the naturalism. Here you where supposed to complain over all the flaws in society instead. The authors had no intentions of improving what was all ready here when they complained. They rather wanted to tare everything down in order to build it up again. It was time to think new, and the authors came down hard on family life, marriage and Christianity. A common opinion was that if you where born poor then you would forever stay poor, and that change was impossible.     

The literature:

The authors reflected the negative and bad sides of society, and that’s the reason why the era was so pessimistic. A lot of attention was directed towards the suffering and poor. Under the romanticism this had been well hidden, but now everyone became aware. They looked from the poor people’s point of view, which had not been common earlier. They also took up taboo subjects like sex. Authors portrayed persons more realistic than what was done in the realism, where they described people in a more general fashion. In naturalism one person should not represent one specific group. Dialects where used a lot. This was a device to make it all more realistic. They also wrote about real places. The language was often dry and matter of factly.  

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