Karen’s Christmas (Karens Jul) by Amalie Skram

Karen’s Christmas is a shortstory, written by Amalie Skram. It is December, and soon Christmas, when a police officer discovers a young woman with a child, as they took refuge from the cold in a small shack near the port. Even though he’s compassionate he orders them out, but she beg him to let her stay just a few more days until she gets her job back. He allows this, and does his best to help her. When he walks by the shack the next day, he can see her sitting in the window, but he does not grant it more thought. But when to days has passed, and he sees her sitting in the exact same posture, he is intrigued. When he opens the door, he findes them both stone dead. He is not shocked, nor overwhelmed with grief, just a bit sad. The shack is tared down, they do not want it to become a hayed for beggars. 

This is a typical naturalistic short-story. The story is told from a distance so it’s hard to relate to the main character. This makes her more of a representative of all poores. The beginning of the story describes in detail where it takes place. The conversation is in dialect, which is also a typical device.        

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