Knut Hamsun

Knut Hamsun was born in 1859 and died in 1952. During his life, he managed to become one of Norway’s best known authors. He wrote poems and novels, such as “Sult” and “Victoria”. Hamsun first got marked through his lectures where especially Ibsen’s fiction was slaughtered as political fiction. He wrote the well known article “Det ubevisste sjeleliv”, where he made clear demands to literature. It was supposed to show the individual, not the typical, and focused on human beings to describe to separate mind. He wrote that literature should describe “blodets hvisken og benpipenes bønn, hele det ubevisste sjeleliv”, which would mean something like “the whisper of blood and the pray of shaft, all of the unconscious life”. He wanted a new type of novels that would be subjective, which means to describe the main character’s thoughts and experience of the nature. The characters were often embossed by weird, irrational seizures and impulses.  1_1272396img1272356.jpg

Sigbjørn Obstfelder

Sigbjørn Obstfelder lived from 1866 to 1900. He died early because of tuberculosis, but managed nevertheless to become a well known writer. He wrote mostly poems with modernistic draughts, the one that is best known is “Jeg ser”, “I see” in English. He was occupied by social questions and did not care much about material goods. He was critical to what politicians said and his task was to deepen into the soul of humans. In 1891 he suddenly turned from happy to pessimistic, and got a weft of lunacy. Obstfelder published “Digte” in 1893 and soon developed a new sight about the world; is there life on other planets? After his insanity he got especially occupied by death, doom and foreign feelings on earth. “Jeg ser” describes anticipation that has become disappointment, and that the world of human beings has been superficial. The author feels isolated and stand on the outside and in the poem there is a vision of the future with anonymous houses. The utter can be interpreted as a picture of distance between souls and the poem describes absence of quality in life.

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  1. Ty for a great post about mr K. Hamsun^^

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