Victoria by Hamsun is a very well known novel. The novel is about young, rich Victoria and her love, poor Johannes. Hamsun describes weird thoughts, dreams and longings. The book does not end well, and turns into a picture of hopeless and unobtainable love. The theme is about Johannes’ fear of falling in love and to attach himself to another human forever. At the same time Hamsun describes how the rules and traditions in society can kill love. Hamsun uses a lot of agents, like contrasts. The most outstanding contrast is how Johannes’ drive to become a poet make their love fail, but at the same time, the love for Victoria is what make Johannes write. Hamsun also uses repetitions and lyric pauses.

Other known poetry from this period:

De Profundis by Oscar Wilde

Mosada by W. B. Yeats

To Novelletter by Obstfelder

Noreg by Per Sivle

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  1. I take it you have read and enjoyed Victoria a lot. It truly seems to be the case. I find this short, but elegantly written piece on Victoria very interesting. Good job group!

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