Extract from a poem by Welhaven


It flew a burd over spruce-heath,
who sings forgotten songs;
it call me away from the twisting road
and inn to the shadowy path.
I came to hidden roads and lakes.                                                                                                   
Where the moos’ thirst is eased.
Butt he birdsong where still distant                                                                                                   
Like humming between the vinds whisper:                                                                                        Tiriril Tove Far,                                                                                                                                   far away.

Norwegan: Der fløi en Fugl over Granehei,
som synger forglemte Sange;
den lokked mig bort fra slagen Vei
og ind paa de skyggede Gange.
Jeg kom til skjulte Stier og Kjern.
hvor Elgene Tørsten slukke:
men Fuglesangen lød endnu fjern
som Nynn mellem Vindens Sukke:
Tirilil Tove
langt, langt bort i Skove

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